About Locus

Locus assists companies operating nationwide in the Netherlands in creating sustainable employment opportunities for people facing barriers to employment. Locus connects these businesses with public and private service providers within the Locus network. Businesses looking to create suitable roles, can turn to Locus for advice and practical support. The needs and opportunities of the employers are always leading for Locus, an independent not for profit organization.

Unique position Locus

Current changes in Dutch social law are inducing a system change. Businesses are expected to create a serious number of jobs for the disabled and to take charge of the process. This change can only come about if employers are enabled and allowed to initiate the process. This requires a system change from its current supply based model to a model based on customer demand. Therefor current public suppliers need to adapt to businesses determining what services they require.

Sustainable employment for the target audience requires continuous cooperation between businesses and public supplier organisations. This proves to be difficult as all parties have different interests, different challenges and come from a different outset. This has led us to a current state with all parties working on their own transition instead of cooperating. The search for communal approaches to the transition that unite different perspectives is absent.

In this world in transition Locus holds a unique position rooted in both worlds; businesses (partners) and public suppliers (members). Locus serves the interests of both parties independently. Locus can stimulate cooperation and the development of future proof approaches that support sustainable demand based supply.

Businesses proposition

Companies need the following support:

  • Guide: understands the companies’ challenges and can advise on what is needed to become an inclusive organisation from that perspective.
  • Gatekeeper and broker: can be single point of contact for suppliers if requested
  • Supporter:
    • stimulates the transition of public supplier organisations to a demand-based model.
    • enables initiation of cooperation agreements with public service providers.
    • independent and pragmatic.

Locus provides this support by means of the following items: 

  1. An independent Locus contact person (the company advisor)
  2. Information on rules and regulations
  3. Supporting the realisation of a professional inclusive organisation
  4. Support during the implementation of the inclusive action plan
  5. Inspiration and knowledge sharing Stimulation of cooperation